Terms of Service

I don't feel it necessary to add a bunch of legal-ese here so i'm just going to make this simple:
By using the tools provided on PixaMixa.com or any of its links you agree that:

A) You are the copyright holder of any copyrighted material or have explicit permission from the copyright holder to use it.
B) You will not use any of the tools for any illegal content or malicious purposes including but not limited to: fraud, child pornography, phishing scams, intentional harm of another person, any hate-related material including racist and homophobic content.
C) You will not try to resell the use of the tools provided by any means or take credit for the applications.
D) You will not remove any copyrights, watermarks or links provided in the final product produced by any of the site's tools.
E) you recognize that there is no expectation of privacy for any images uploaded or created on this site. Site administrators may have the ability to see the files mentioned. F) You agree that pixamixa.com, Matthew C. Roy and contractors, employees, or other agents of the listed entities will not be held liable for any damages caused by or with these tools.

It's that simple. You may use anything you create on here for commercial or entertainment purposes unless explicitly prohibited.

Please also note that all of the tools provided are copyrighted. © 2008 Matthew C. Roy, and all rights to the source code for said tools are reserved. No warranties or garauntees that these tools will work is implied.