Ctrl+A Image Generator

"Ctrl+A images" are images hidden inside other images which reveal themselves when selected in some Microsoft applications such as Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook. The name "Ctrl+A images" refers to the shortcut "Ctrl+A" which "Selects All" in these applications. It can be a fun way to make a joke such as hiding a picture of an old person inside a picture of your spouse then emailing with a caption like "Press Ctrl+A to see your future".

To use this tool simply browse your computer for an image you'd like to hide inside another image. These images should be roughly the same size (or at least the same aspect ratio) and the hidden image works best if it is black & white. The "Opacity" setting is the amount of the hidden image to see on the final image. A setting around 50% or less usually works best so it will camouflage the image a little more. Note: if your picture is over 320 pixels wide it will be scaled down.

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